Love Island: What's Going On??

We're going crazy for this summer's hottest, steamiest show...The drama, the sauciness, the grafting, the backstabbing! Here's our guide to understanding EXACTLY what's going on on the nation's favourite island...


Crack On (verb): The action of intently pursuing or advancing a relationship with a fellow islander. Often used in the context of pursuing another partner after dumping a previous islander. "I'm just going to crack on with Tyla"

Doing Bits (verb): When islanders get steamy but without going ALL the way e.g. "We just did bits"

Graft (verb): The action of actively pursuing and flirting with a fellow islander who you wish to couple up with. E.g. "I don't have to graft, people should be grafting me" (see also: "Crack On")

The Hideaway (noun): They're getting some tonight. (Or, the secluded place where lucky islanders will get access to with their partner as a prize for winning a challenge.) e.g. "Congratulations Dom, you and Jess are being sent to the secret hideaway tonight!" 

"I got a text" (phrase): Sh*t's about to go down.

"I'm not bothered" (phrase): Phrase usually meaning whoever said it is, in fact, very bothered by the situation but is trying (and failing) to play it cool.

Melt (noun): Someone who is seen as pathetic, annoying or snakey (see: Snake) e.g. "Chris is such a melt", "I can smell ham and cheese melt"

Muggy (adj): A negative description of an islander who backstabs and gossips (see also: Melt, Snake)

Pull (verb): Taking a fellow islander aside for a private chat, usually to clear the air after an argument, or to get in quality "grafting" time (see "Graft") e.g. "Do you think he'll pull Johnny today?"

Recouple (verb): When the islanders are forced to choose who they want to couple up with, usually taking place after the addition of new islanders. Inevitably ends in drama. (See also: "I got a text")

Snake (noun): A sly character who goes behind people's backs, gossiping and creating drama. E.g. "I don't like Theo, he's a snake"

Got more of your favourite love island-isms you want to share? Comment below!