Which housemate are YOU?

There's friends, and there's housemates... Sometimes we love them, sometimes not so much (queue: "who's left their plate in the sink...AGAIN?!) Whether you're at university or you're in a  flatshare, chances are you'll be bunking up with some of your besties sometime, but are you the guilty dirty-plate leaver, the 3am DJ, or the one who actually knows how to pay the bills and adult and stuff? Find out...

1. The Socialite

Spends more time out-out than in, but when they're in...boy do you know it. Never, ever alone, this one fills the house with their squad, and the fridge with wine. Always the one to get the house in a party mood and turn the quiet pub trip into a "4am Uber home" scenario. 

You can always count on the socialite to lift you up with good giggle or a shot of tequila (or 4), meaning you'll be able to forgive the odd spontaneous 3am DJ set...

2. The Hermit

Preferring to keep themselves to themselves, the hermit can often get mistaken for being out when they're actually just in their room, or occasionally seen scurrying to the kitchen for a cuppa

Don't underestimate this one though, by the time the socialite's got a drink or two down them they'll be straight on the dance floor of your local... what's that saying about quiet ones being the ones to watch??

3. The Adult

Without the adult, the house would fall apart. They might always be the one to call out the sloth (see below) on the dirty dishes or complain about the hair in the bath, but the adult is a crucial part of any house-share. Let's face it, they're probably the only one who understands how to read the meter, pay bills and who to call when the fire alarm goes off...again...

4. The Couple

Smugly settled and saving an absolute bomb by sharing the cost, it seems like the couple have it all... These guys are the perfect agony aunt/uncle for the rest of the flat, a beacon of hope proving that no matter how many bad tinder tales you tell or bumble baddies you meet, love IS possible. We just wish we could get in the kitchen without having to spectate a game of tonsil tennis...

5. The Sloth

Ahh the sloth. This one needs no introduction... Yep, the one that leaves their dirty dishes around and forgets to take the bins out. But what would be flat share be without one? What do you talk about if it's not trying to detect who was the one who dropped rice in the sink??

Oh the glamour... Never mind. While you can't always count on perfect flat-mates, you CAN count on Vlique to find you a clique that just gets you. Apply to get on the invitation-only fitness clique - you never know, fitness friendship could just lead to your perfect flatmate friendship!