Up Yo Game!

We reckon “fitness” needs to up it’s game.

Maybe you’re a fitness fanatic, or maybe you’re more interested in netflix and pizza.  Either way, from our experience on both sides of the fence, we know the following to be true:

  • Paying over the odds for personal trainers isn’t sustainable
  • Being one of 30 random people in a class won’t get you the best results.
  • Having to go to the same gym when you’re always on the move isn’t  convenient
  • Doing the same old stuff plugged into your headphones isn't inspiring.
  • It’s almost impossible to navigate your way through all the bullshit

We don’t do any of the above. Instead, we’re taking fitness and getting it LIT.


Vlique is a members-only app fitness app that hooks you up to personal training experiences in cliques of up to 5 people, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Find experiences near you, tap to book on and get training, simples. Find an experience just how you’d find a taxi ;)

It’s members only, cos we want to create a tight-knit trusted community of only the best…we’re not that keen on getting sweaty with randoms, we’re just not that kinda person.

WTF is a personal training experience??

Fair question. 

We don’t just do workouts. Instead of just "getting it done" so you get on with the more exciting things in life, how about working out WITH your mates, and getting a drink after? We’re not just talking about the green stuff either, you’re a human being and you should be able to drink whatever the f*** you want.

We work with brands and unique spaces, so you have the choice to train anywhere and everywhere from gyms and private studios if you’re a  traditionalist, to rooftop bars, cafes and clubs is you fancy something a bit different.

Our PTs

All experiences are run by our crack team of legit, profesh, and generally awesome personal trainers who have been armed with a special set of skills to break you down, push you to your limits and make you look (and feel) like a boss.

The Workout

No following dodgy YouTube videos, no getting too big for your boots or half-assing it, we have a rule that you gotta EARN YOUR SELFIE

In your clique of up to five, you'll be pushed, mentally and physically. Our full body workouts (weighted or bodyweight depending on PT and location) will sculpt and chisel your body, make you stronger, leaner and fit as f***. No bullshit.

What does it cost?

There’s no point getting that dream bod if you can’t show it off - fitness shouldn’t mean missing out on your Friday night drinks or that beach holiday. With no membership fee, no being tied down to one place, no limit on how many times you can come, just pay for the sessions you attend or buy  multi-packs of credits for even more values.


Wanna join the club?

The waitlist for membership applications is now open, hit the button at the bottom of the page to get your name on the list and don’t miss out. Or just enjoy this epic 90's throwback...

We feel ya Kat, we got a pretty similar relationship with pizza.

Join the club by hitting the link below.