#SelfLoveSeason: Vlique X Lululemon

This Wednesday 6th Dec, we've teamed up with Canadian activewear giant Lululemon, to launch a month-long “#SelfLoveSeason” campaign!

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While we love the festive season, it can bring about a lot of stress and anxiety, particularly around body image (60% of those who struggle with mental health experience panic attacks over Christmas.) We've seen so many people feel guilty about enjoying themselves over Christmas, and punishing themselves with unsustainable detoxes/diets as part of their "New Year resolutions", and we decided to put a stop to it.

That's why we're launching a December Self Love challenge, where everyone involved will take on 10 small challenges and share on social media to encourage body positivity and spread awareness about mental health issues over the festive season.

At the launch event we'll be taking you through small group personal training sessions with our team of top PTs, before hosting a panel discussion all about body image, anxiety, self love, and fighting stress, with panelists including leading fitness influencers such as Lauren Tickner.

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Sign up to take the challenge (we'll be starting Thurs 7th Dec!) and help us spread the message of positivity this season.

Register now at www.vlique.co/sls