10 Things That Happen On Holiday With Your Friends

If you've ever experienced a group holiday away with your friends...you know.

  1. You’ve got the 3am flight to save as much money for cocktails as possible
  2. Personal space boundaries go out the window faster than you can say “beach” as you find yourself spooning on the sofa bed for 10 days and sharing the bathroom to shower and, erm...use the loo.
  3. You’ll go to the local supermarket to get prepared…only to come out with nothing more than bread, nutella and a vat of the local wine
  4. You will listen to one song repeat for the holiday, which will become THE holiday song that for years to come will cause outbursts of “…OMG remember that one time when…?!”
  5. You’ll have one massive (probably drunken) argument, that’s more often than not about one of the fit guys in the villa next door
  6. You will obviously make up straight away through a lot of crying and resolve that you are BFFs for live no matter what.
  7. You’ll laugh at the local restaurant English translations of food…”saucy small cow, anyone??”
  8. Somebody will have to go to hospital or, at very least, see a doctor (it’s ok they’ll be fine…just don’t tell their parents until you’re home, right?)
  9. Something will become an in-joke so deep, that you only have to look at each other when something reminds you of it to know what the other person is thinking. If you know, you know...
  10. You will return from holiday feeling like you need another holiday, but at least you're left with approximately 1000 hilarious photos of you, your mates, the guys from the villa next door and that "mojito guy" to treasure forever.