What you don't know about FACE training...

We all know to get a leaned and toned physique we need to be working all the many muscles in our body... but have you ever thought the same could work for your face??

Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym, says “there are 40+ muscles in the face which need working out exactly like the muscles in the body. If these muscles aren’t strengthened they will begin to sag...Our facial workouts tone, tighten and sculpt your facial muscles following the same method as a body workout,” 

Makes a lot of sense, and is a hell of a lot less intrusive, painful, or indeed expensive than many traditional procedures around. Here's the low-down on FaceGym's innovative new facial workouts that will leave you with a gorgeous, all-natural glow!

1. It's not just for anti-ageing!

They have up to 15 workouts to choose from, everything from hangover and jetlag cures, to lunchtime lifts and party workouts!

2. Pick your serum

Either choose one you just like the smell of, or one that most suits your skins needs and style of workout. There's so many to choose including the amaaaazing smelling "gin and tonic" and "bloody mary" serums

3. Get yourself a take-home treat

You can even mix up your own personalised face cream to take-away at their blend bar (or if you're feeling generous they make an awesome gift!)

4. What it feels like

The FaceGym trainers are specifically trained to use their hands to work all those facial muscles with invigorating, deep pressure movements to stimulate and lift them. Don't worry though, it's not painful! It actually just feels like you're being “lightly whipped and slapped”...it just wakes you up rather than causing pain.

5. Add some toys

Some workouts also include the use of non-invasive treatments such as radio frequency which "lifts and plumps sagging skin", probiotics to nurture, Oxygen to reinvigorate and the FaceBall to smooth

We've teamed up with FaceGym to provide the ULTIMATE full body workout. With two of our personal trainers you can spend an hour working your way round a circuit of upper body, lower body and face workouts to leave you glowing, toned and pampered from head to toe!

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