5 Things You Need To Know About VLIQUE COIN

So you've heard of Bitcoin....but what about VLIQUE COIN?

Yup, here at Vlique we're launching the world's first fitness currency that rewards you when you SQUAT or LIFT heavy at your next gym class or personal training session! But how does it actually work? Let's break it down.

1. Earn when you work out.

Once you've trained with a PT or been to a gym class booked via the Vlique app, you'll get rewarded with some Vlique Coin! Essentially you get cashback every time you workout.

2. Spend your Vlique Coin

You can spend your coins on more training OR reward yourself by spending your Vlique Coin on related brands like activewear, brunches and retreats!

3. Manage your fitness fund

Think of it as a mini "lifestyle fund", right there in your app to make budgeting super easy. Compartmentalise your whole budget for fitness-related stuff, so next time you hit up your favourite class or treat yourself to a pair of leggings you don't need to worry about paying your rent.

4. Train ANYWHERE in the world

Powered by one single currency, you'll be able to drop into yoga class in LA, find a PT in Sydney, HIIT in London and anywhere in between. You can even see unbiased ratings and reviews of all our trainers and studios so you know you're getting the best.

5. And you can still use normal money...

You don't need to be a crypto-trader or tech expert, we're making the platform SUPER easy to use. The app will still accept payment in "normal" money, so you can always top up when you need and keep training!


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