You are not defined by your weight – yet many people see that number on the scales as a measurement of their self-worth. This obsession increases your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and makes weight loss and maintenance SO difficult.

If you weigh yourself and don’t like the number you see, you’re likely to feel less motivated to make healthy choices. You might write the rest of the day off, and self-berate, emotionally overeat or under-eat. It’s a toxic cycle that breaks down that relationship with food and your body. 

Throw out the scales.

It’s such a simple, yet super powerful tool that will help you heal your relationship with your body, mind and food. Especially if you’re working on building up your self-confidence, body love or working on any insecurity.

What if we focused on becoming MORE instead of trying to be LESS and made health and fitness about empowerment, not punishment? What if we allowed weight loss to be a side effect of getting stronger via strength training because it’s fun and eating well because it makes us feel great? What if, instead of being hypercritical about ourselves, we liberally practised self-compassion.

We ask a piece of glass or plastic for validation, and then let it run our day and dictate our food choices.

Why? Why do we try to validate ourselves with a number on the scales?

That number doesn’t tell you how aligned you are in your life choices, how smart you are, how beautiful you are, how fit or strong you are, how generous and loving you are...

Give up the scales for at least 3 months, you’ll be amazed at what happens. Suddenly your body will relax, your relationship with food starts to settle down and anxiety decreases – this will all help you feel much more connected to your body. 

Give thanks to your body and everything it does for you on a daily basis, it's incredible! 

If you're struggling with body image right now know that it's okay, you're not a failure! Don't be so hard on yourself, you're trying and that is enough! 

Goal weight... be sexy AF!! 


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Charlie Brinton