What you REALLY need to eat pre- and post-workout...

Most of us know by now we need to be getting enough protein, especially if you're regularly exercising...but do we really need to be chowing down on egg whites and protein shakes?

Fear not. Our very own Co-Founder (and qualified nutrition coach) Katie is breaking down what we should be eating to reach our goals and get the most out of our training.


1. Protein.

A small serving before training means you have a ready supply of amino acids (the building blocks of protein, and what your muscles need to grow) in your bloody stream to start repairing the damage while you train. This means you'll recover faster, be able to train harder and so help see better results.

This is particularly important if you're looking for fat-loss and are eating fewer calories. In a calorie deficit, your body is more likely to being breaking down muscle (as well as fat), which means you lose lean mass as well as fat, and your metabolic rate slows down...meaning you need to eat even less to keep losing fat (and who really wants that??) Moral of the story? Keep your protein topped up, particularly before you train.

2. Energy source.

This can be in the form of carbs or some fats, to give you the energy you need to sustain your workout and train harder.


Make sure you eat with enough time to digest, either a snack around an hour before, or if you're having a meal, leave it 90 minutes to 2 hours before you get training to avoid feeling sluggish or getting a stitch!


1. Protein (again).

Yep, another serving to replenish those amino acid stores and help the repair of muscles, which is how they grow. This does NOT have to be in the form of a protein shake as soon as your workout is over. You'll get more nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) by having a post-workout meal or snack containing a real-food protein source like eggs, meat or greek yoghurt. Save the protein shake for on-the-go emergencies!

2. Carbs.

If you're looking for a time to get a sugar hit - this is your window. During training, your muscles use glycogen (sugar) stores as energy, meaning they need to replaced to avoid fatigue. Sugar is absorbed faster than complex carbs (like brown rice) meaning now is a good time to speed up recovery.

Try switching up your pre- and post-workout nutrition to see if you can see the difference!