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5 sessions + limited edition sweatshirt + protein supply

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VLIQUE team got this on repeat - VIBESSSS

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We caught up with the guys at Wheybox to give you the (protein) scoop on the whey we can't get enough of! We've known Ben and the team at Wheybox just over a year from when they first launched, and partnered up to headline the protein shake bar at #TrinityOnVlique.

Founders Jack, Sam, and Will, along with best friend Ben, were frustrated with chalky, low-quality whey protein brands, when they decided to create their own brand toprovide convenient protein to health-conscious people leading busy lives. Wheybox send perfectly portioned boxes of individual sachets of high-quality protein to your desk or door each month so that all the hard work is done for you. No fuss, no mess, no storing bulky tubs of whey that make your kitchen look like a pharmacy....

The classic selection boxhad 10 AMAZING flavours: Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coconut, Chocolate, Toffee, Banana, Cookies and Cream, and Gingerbread...you'll never be bored or stuck with a tub of grim-tasting chalky powder again. Trust us, they actually taste as good as they sounds as well!

The cookies and cream protein was the best - if you've ever had a Frijj Cookie Dough Milkshake then you'll know exactly what to expect as that's what it tastes like! Pure indulgence! Second favourite was the chocolate mint, which was reminiscent of mint choc chip ice-cream of childhood. Gingerbread flavour was also a personal highlight, comparable to everyone's favourite Gingerbread Latte that we all go nuts over at Christmas and perfect for stirring into a warming bowl of porridge for a protein boost. All the taste of indulgence with zero guilt :)

The other flavours were all delicious as well.  A benefit of the Wheybox protein is that you only have to mix them with 200ml of liquid, as opposed to 300ml with most other brands. It means that it goes down quicker and is more cost-effective if you're having it with milk or plant-based milk, which makes them taste just like a milkshake!

The powder mixes incredibly well and there are absolutely no lump or chalk-iness. The sachets really are very convenient, as the portion is already weighed out for you and you don't have to mess around with huge tubs or bags of protein powder (and manage to spill it everywhere...) They're perfect for taking to work or the gym, or even to have on the go during a busy day. When you've got a bit more time, we also love experimenting with all the different flavour to make pancakes, protein flapjacks and all kinds of smoothies.

Usually, having a protein shake is a bit of a chore, especially when it tastes watery and grainy, but Wheybox have cracked it with this!